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    Augusta is a GREAT place for live music!

    By Natalie Poteete | February 27, 2019

    Hey Augusta! One of my favorite types of entertainment is live music. Did you know Augusta has a great live music scene? Even better, a lot of concerts are low cost or even free! After all, music is the universal language. You can communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries in ways that you can’t with... Read More

    Homeownership Rates On the Rise

    By Natalie Poteete | January 31, 2018

    The Wall Street Journal posted an article yesterday that reaffirms the data from the National Housing Report. The article discusses the next trend in the housing market: millennials buying houses. Instead of the previous homeownership boost through the government providing incentives to banks, this homeownership boost comes from millennials preference to buying over renting. In... Read More

    4 Tax Breaks You Need to Know About as a First Time Home Buyer

    By Natalie Poteete | January 23, 2018

    The government provides tax breaks for first time home buyers as a way to increase homeownership in the United States. But did you know of all the tax breaks that are available to you? Home Mortgage Interest Deduction The biggest tax break you can get is the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction. In this deduction, you... Read More

    New Year, New Home!

    By Natalie Poteete | January 18, 2018

    Thinking about changing something big in your life this year? Why not make the move to change your home? Buying your first home or buying a new home could be just the change you need for 2018. ..and we just put three new houses on the market! Check out each one below and see which... Read More

    How to Sell Your Home Fast

    By Natalie Poteete | January 5, 2018

    Selling your home on your own isn’t a cakewalk! That’s why we always encourage you to have real estate professionals handle the marketing and pricing of your home for you! Not to mention having someone represent you when it comes time to negotiate repairs is always helpful so you make sure you get your home... Read More

    5 New Years Resolutions for Your Home

    By Natalie Poteete | December 27, 2017

    It’s a new year! A new & improved you! And of course, new year resolutions that you hope to follow at least for the first few months! We’ve got some new year resolutions that we think can really spruce up your home in 2018! Create a Routine Your mother probably always told you this as... Read More

    Christmas Gift Guide

    By Natalie Poteete | December 22, 2017

    Looking for some last-minute Christmas presents to get your significant other that is still thoughtful? Why not give the gift of a home! The gift of homeownership is the gift that keeps on giving! Check out some of the homes we have on the market right now and give us a call to check one out!... Read More

    7 Energy-Efficient Home Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

    By Natalie Poteete | December 20, 2017

    It’s hard to believe, but the holidays will soon be here. This time of year offers plenty of reasons to celebrate, but the electricity bill generally isn’t one of them. Let’s talk about some ways to make your holiday season more energy efficient and easier on the planet. You’ll save money that gives you a bigger... Read More


    By Natalie Poteete | December 1, 2017

    Augusta is centrally located between some great fun-filled activities. Day trips are a great way to get away from your daily life and explore new adventures.  You can find family-friendly activities that are within a two and a half hour drive. You will find Columbia, SC to be the closest day trip then Atlanta and Savannah.... Read More

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