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7 Energy-Efficient Home Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

It’s hard to believe, but the holidays will soon be here. This time of year offers plenty of reasons to celebrate, but the electricity bill generally isn’t one of them. Let’s talk about some ways to make your holiday season more energy efficient and easier on the planet. You’ll save money that gives you a bigger Christmas budget to spend on gifts for your friends and family! It’s a win-win!


  1. Switch to LED

    As more energy-efficient lighting becomes available in your nearby Lowes or Home Depot, it’s impossible NOT to find LED lighting! LED lighting is perfect for those looking for lights that are still bright, but they also can use 70% less energy!

  2. Wait Until After Christmas

    Just as you wait to buy Halloween candy until the day after Halloween, you can always wait until the day after Christmas to get a better deal on normally expensive holiday decor! Some of the best deals are going on right after Christmas for energy-efficient decors such as LED lighting or Fiber Optic Trees!

  3. Consider a Fiber Optic Tree

    What’s the worse part about Christmas? Having to put away the tree without making a huge mess! Take advantage of a fiber optic tree that can save you both time and money! Since they are made with LED bulbs, they can last 10x longer and of course, it’s reusable for years to come!

  4. Reduce Usage

    The kids are home, family comes into town and friends are in-and-out your door from holiday parties during the season. So, of course, your power bill is going to raise having so many people in your home! Take advantage of a self-timer to turn off lights at certain times and limit usage in areas not normally occupied – like on the porch in the cold!

  5. Limit Decorating Alternative

    If you’re not the center of the room, hopefully, your tree is! Save on the power bill by turning off all your other lights and letting your tree really shine!

  6. Add Candles

    This may seem like a given, but seriously, have you smelled holiday-scented candles at Yankee Candle? They are to die for! Make your home smell like the scents of the holidays while also saving on your power bill!

  7. Consider Energy-Free Gifts and Decorations

    Think of how much you spend on batteries for children’s toys or just about any gift for Christmas. Why not get them a gift that requires no batteries and *gasp* no power! Electronics are the next big thing in gifting, but they don’t have to be! Take advantage of some non-electronic gifts for your children and teens and watch your savings grow from a lower power bill (and from less expensive Christmas gifts)!

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