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Augusta is a GREAT place for live music!

Hey Augusta! One of my favorite types of entertainment is live music. Did you know Augusta has a great live music scene? Even better, a lot of concerts are low cost or even free! After all, music is the universal language. You can communicate across cultural and linguistic boundaries in ways that you can’t with ordinary languages.


Whether it’s a Friday night with friends or grabbing a cold one after a long day’s work, there are so many places in Augusta to enjoy live music. So, you may be thinking, but do I HAVE to go to a bar? Sure, that’s a common misconception because you certainly don’t have to! You can go out on almost any given night and hear live music at large locations that are even family-friendly.


With Master’s Week right around the corner, there will be a lot of opportunities to enjoy live music. In fact, the Zac Brown Band will be performing at the Lady Antebellum Amphitheater on April 11th! For more information about this concert, check out the Evan’s Town Centre Park website and see more top rated live-music spots below!


Stillwater Taproom:


Wild Wing Café:


Garden City Jazz:


Lady Antebellum Amphitheatre


Imperial Theater:


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