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    Our Marketing Strategy

    The Natalie Poteete Team has a proven full-service Marketing Strategy that can guarantee the efficient marketing of your home. We utilize innovative real estate technology to make your home stand out from the rest of the competition. From print marketing to creating a demanding online presence, we have you covered. Not only do we have the tools to make sure your home is viewed online and remembered by as many buyers as possible, we have the expertise to price your home correctly the first time. We all know price and location are how buyer’s begin their search, but having the right description, designer pictures, and details push them to save it to their list of homes for showings. Getting potential home buyers in the door is our specialty. Here are a couple of steps of how you can get your home ready for the market.


    sell my home fast


    Step 1: Let the industry professionals price your home.

    Our team of experienced agents know how to price homes to get them to sell fast. We use comparable homes, current house value, and our knowledge of the market to determine what price will determine the speed of the home’s sale.


    Step 2: Stage your Home for Great Photos!

    You can easily arouse the prospect’s desire for your home by making it attractive. Remember: “selling condition” is different than “living condition”. If pricing is the reason buyers view a home, staging is the reason they make an offer. Staging can take many forms from adding a little plant here or there to decluttering.  Accentuating the positive features and amenities of a home can either cause a home to sell faster or for a higher price. Following the recommendations of a professional stager almost always accomplishes this. Our team of agents are trained home stagers and can help prepare your home for sale.


    Step 3: Get Professional Photos & Virtual Tours

    As easy as it may seem to sell your home through yourself as opposed to a realtor, you should actually take the time to consider the benefits of professional photos and video. 83% of people search online, so in today’s world having a professional virtual tour or home video can make a huge difference. Our marketing department will come to your home and take professional wide-angle lens photos and video walkthroughs to emphasize how great your home is to buyers. In return, you get more showings and more offers to choose from.


    Step 4: Growing your Home’s Market Exposure

    One of the most important factors in selling your home is market exposure. The more exposure you have, the better the chances of your home selling. We put your home on every major real estate network including popular real estate search sites like Zillow, Trulia,, and We also send your home to buyers already in our pipeline when your home matches their dream home criteria. We post about it on all of our social media campaigns and track potential buyers across networks. It’s a win-win for everyone because you find the right buyer while the right buyer finds their dream home-yours! Also, we will send you updated listing reports that show you how much traffic your listing is getting.


    Step 5: Negotiating

    Once you have got your offer(s) to choose from, this is where our team of agents becomes invaluable. They will handle all the negotiations to ensure you get the best price for your home. After negotiations, our agent will work tirelessly to make sure you are being fully represented from beginning of the transaction to the end.


    If you are interested in selling your home, start here with our FREE home evaluation tool